Hello, my name is Yajie (Jessie) Li and I am a graduate from Boston University, College of Communication, with a master’s degree  in Marketing Research and Public Relations. I am originally from Shijiazhuang, a small but beautiful city in Northern China, close to the Capital, Beijing.

My lovely hometown: Shijiazhuang

This is my second year at U. S. and I really enjoy my study here. I started this blog because I love my major, market/marketing research or applied communication research.  I appreciated that I found one thing in my life that I think is meaningful, interesting and I’m also good at. This blog, A Future Market Researcher, is a place that I’d like to share my understanding, emotion and experiences about market research. Thanks for taking the time to visit A Future Market Researcher, and I hope you’ll stay awhile to look around and find something useful or interesting to you!

Jessie at Boston

It would be great if you can give me any of your thoughts about my blog! If you like this blog, please also connect with me on my Facebook or Twitter!


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