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Questionnaire is the most common and powerful self-report-based measurement instrument. However, since human beings are extremely complicated, it’s really hard to pull survey participants’ real attitudes and thoughts out of their minds. I saw several readers of my previous posts mentioned that they would like to know more about the secret sause of designing a good questionnaire. I’m planing to generalize the tips I knew into a checklist. Next time when you are asked to develop a questionnaire, you can refer to my list and optimize your surveys. Since the list is pretty long, I’m going to cut it into three parts. Today Let’s begin with part 1 of Jessie’s “Good Survey Guideline List”.

The Principle of Measurement (Part 1)

Language: The questions and statements on a questionnaire should be straightforward in a spoken language style. The simpler, the better. No slang.

Length: Questions should be kept short except where lengthy statements were necessary to emphasize meaning.

Focus: Each question should be phrased to encompass only one dimension of the theme at a time. You should avoid including any explicit or implicit double-barreled statements.

Meaning: When there is a key concept that might be understood differently by various respondents, you should introduce the concepts with the narrowest meaning possible to clearly express it to all respondents.

(List to be Continued…)